Jon Hamm - Chronic Depression After Father's Death

Jon Hamm, the suave protagonist of the show Mad Men, has long battled clinical depression since his father's passing when he was 20. The actor admitted that he was floored by the death of his father, and his depression grew and grew until he eventually quit getting out of bed altogether. Like many with chronic depression, his lows only got lower and his thoughts would often spiral out of control.

Hamm says he got through his chronic depression by going to therapy sessions and through medications. He explains that the medications corrected his brain chemistry to lessen the effects of his depression, and his therapy sessions allowed him to learn methods of controlling his spirals and condition. Hamm hopes that others struggling with clinical depression will seek help and medication (if deemed necessary) as it says his life has completely changed after seeking them himself.

Photo credit: Jon Hamm by Angela Natividad