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He's Lying Next To You...The Difference Between Psychopaths, Sociopaths, and Narcissists

Sociopaths usually do not keep long-term jobs

Sociopaths tend to be unable to hold down long-term jobs. Their emotional instability and unpredictable behavior make it difficult for them to maintain relationships with other people. As a result, relationships with coworkers and employers tend to be problematic.

Sociopaths have trouble adhering to social norms. They tend to exhibit a complete disregard for the rules governing acceptable behavior. A sociopath will likely ignore a company’s official policies and unofficial workplace norms. He will routinely put his own interests ahead of the interests of his colleagues and the company.

A sociopath doesn’t work well with others. He thinks his own opinion is the only one that matters. He will do anything to get what he wants, no matter how many people are harmed by his actions.
They are also less likely to hold down a long-term job because they typically do not feel a sense of company loyalty. If he sees an opportunity to make more money or hold more power, he won’t hesitate to ditch his current position.