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He's Lying Next To You...The Difference Between Psychopaths, Sociopaths, and Narcissists

Sociopaths get angry easily and have violent outbursts

Sociopaths tend to have a volatile temper. They may be more prone to angry, and sometimes violent, outbursts.

One of the most terrifying aspects of a sociopath’s rage is the suddenness with which it can appear and disappear. A sociopath’s outburst can seem to come completely out of nowhere. The slightest trigger can set him off. His rage is completely unreasonable and entirely disproportionate to whatever prompted his outrage. His lack of concern for the effect his outburst may have on others is also very troubling.

Regardless of the precise trigger, these angry outbursts are ultimately about control. A sociopath becomes enraged when he feels as though he lacks control over a situation. He uses anger as a form of manipulation to gain control over others. He can go from completely calm to completely off the rails within seconds. These extreme mood swings can be incredibly confusing and frightening to victims of a sociopath’s rage.