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He's Lying Next To You...The Difference Between Psychopaths, Sociopaths, and Narcissists

Narcissists experience something called "narcissist rage"

The term narcissistic rage refers to the vehement anger and aggressive or passive aggressive behavior a narcissist exhibits in response to a perceived threat to his grandiose self-conception.

According to psychologists, the narcissist copes with early childhood trauma by adopting a persona that makes him feel superior to others. He behaves in an entitled, self-absorbed manner.

The narcissist is incredibly sensitive to criticism; he perceives any form of criticism as a personal attack. Even an unintended slight can send the narcissist into narcissistic rage. This rage can be triggered by any disappointment or setback that threatens the narcissist’s belief in his own superiority. He is unable to cope with feelings of inadequacy, vulnerability, or shame, so he reacts by lashing out.

Narcissistic rage tends to be exceedingly disproportionate to the events that triggered it. It is a completely unreasonable response. If you do not cater to the narcissist’s every desire and demand, he will essentially throw a temper tantrum.
It can manifest as a sudden outburst of extreme anger, or the narcissist might employ passive aggressive tactics to punish, control, and manipulate his target. Vicious sarcasm intended to cause the victim emotional harm is one technique. The narcissist might also ignore the victim, give the silent treatment, neglect and withhold affection, and harbor resentment.

In many cases, the victim never did anything wrong. In other cases, she may have done something wrong, but the narcissist’s reaction was completely unreasonable, disproportionate, and deliberately intended to inflict emotional pain and harm. Narcissistic rage is never justified. It is a form of emotional abuse. No one deserves to be the victim of narcissistic rage and emotional abuse.