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He's Lying Next To You...The Difference Between Psychopaths, Sociopaths, and Narcissists

If they commit a crime, sociopaths are usually sloppy at it

Your average sociopath is not a criminal mastermind. Most sociopaths are not criminals and never serious commit crimes. Most sociopaths are law-abiding citizens. However, when a sociopath does commit a crime, it’s unlikely to be a carefully planned, meticulously executed scheme that would baffle Sherlock Holmes himself. Most of the crimes committed by sociopaths are highly disorganized.

Sociopaths tend to be hot-headed and exhibit reckless behavior. When it comes to violence and crime, a sociopath is less likely to plan things out in advance, and more likely to act on impulse. If a sociopath becomes enraged, his behavior can become erratic and possibly even violent.

Sociopaths often have a difficult time controlling their tempers. Crimes committed in the heat of the moment, when the criminal is in a blind rage, tend to be careless and haphazard.