Mental Health

19 of the Worst Things to Say to Someone with Depression

15. "Maybe if you stopped taking those pills, you'd feel better."

Going on antidepressants is a big decision. It often comes with a lot of fears like: Will they change who I am? How will my partner react to my decreased sex drive? Will I gain weight? However, when people are dealing with depression, these pills often become necessary to simply get through the day, and keep people from dangers like self-harm.

However, going on antidepressants certainly comes with some downsides and side effects. So, the person is likely already battling with those, and trying not to be too bothered by them. Never tempt someone to stop their medication without first speaking to a medical professional, as the lack of it could lead to a dangerous spiral.

Alternative: If you truly believe that their medication is having a negative effect, suggest that they discuss altering their medication with their doctor - but not stopping treatment. Sometimes tweaks in dosage or switching brands can be useful.