Mental Health

19 of the Worst Things to Say to Someone with Depression

19. "Try thinking about other people instead of yourself."

Attempting to guilt people with depression into ignoring their feelings by leveraging loved ones over them is cruel. The person is likely already harboring an extreme amount of guilt that you are not even aware of, so do not attempt to make it worse for them. Having depression is a painful ordeal, and can unfortunately sometimes have collateral damage. However, when loved ones are hurt or ignored, it is almost never intentional.

Depression works in mysterious ways, and can be almost impossible to control. In the middle of a bout with it, it may be harder for the person to see outside their tunnel vision of sadness and hurt; however, they normally do not want to upset other people, and often are compassionate and want to look out for others in any way they can - especially because they know how much intense sadness hurts, and do not want others to experience it.

Alternative: Instead, let them know that no matter what, the people that love them will be there for them.