Mental Health

19 of the Worst Things to Say to Someone with Depression

3. "Are you doing this all for attention?"

Most people with serious depression has been accused of simply being an attention-seeker at one point or another. This can be absolutely detrimental, as it can deter them from seeking help out of fear of seeming dramatic.

If someone has depression, they are not in control of their emotions. They feel immeasurable pain on a daily basis that cannot be fully understood. Some people have specific triggers, while others have a constant overhanging of dread and gloom. Either way, their sadness is not an attempt for attention. In fact, many are embarrassed by their depression and try to hide it from others.

Alternative: Instead of asking if someone is seeking attention, assure them that the people in their lives are there for them, and are happy to be of assistance in any way they can. After all, friends and family are there to give support and attention.