Mental Health

19 of the Worst Things to Say to Someone with Depression

4. "You'll feel better if you go outside."

Sadness can often be cured by physical activity, social interaction, or even spending some time outside. However, depression often stems from a chemical imbalance within the brain - something that will be entirely unaffected by spending time outside.

Implying that depression can be cured by a "quick fix" like going outside can be very insulting to those who suffer from depression. After all, many with the condition live a perfectly healthy and balanced lifestyle, but still cannot escape their existential dread and sadness.

Alternative: Instead of telling someone that they would feel better if they go outside, simply bring them outside for the joy of it, instead of pretending as if it could be a cure. Spend time with them playing an outdoor sport, or going for a walk. Know that it will not cure their depression, but the effort you put into the relationship will be assuring to them.