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Understanding Why ER Nurses Are Unsung Heroes

Understanding Why ER Nurses are Unsung Heroes

While it is true that nobody wants to be on the other end of an emergency, there are certainly those that go above and beyond to exceed the daily expectations that are placed upon them. Nurses are the daily heroes of the emergency room, as they offer up comfort and solace during times of need. Without them, the ER room and more would not be able to run on the 24/7 basis that it does! While it might take some better understanding for those who have never visited the emergency room, nurses work day and night to make certain that patients are safe in and out on the emergency room floor.

It is not only stressful, but it is fast-paced and can offer a stressful lifestyle to those who are part of the nursing team. They offer up first-aid, which might seem basic, but can be of great need to some. From cuts that could become infected to full on broken bones, there are nurses that each and every day help those who are struggling with even minor ER issues. This can be said of almost any emergency, but having a proper guidance and a support system is vital. This is where nurses come in and can offer up much assistance, if not treating a patient all of the way their self.

Nursing and its Benefits to Society

Most nurses who work the emergency room are experienced in the area, but it has been known that other staff on various floors and departments can even help when there is a medical emergency that need addressed. This is not only true in America, but across the globe. Because of nurses, society is healthier and able to better understand those who are facing issues. While one might just think of the doctors and other staff in a hospital, the nurses are the unsung heroes that keep the emergency room floor running as smoothly as possible. For those who are looking to become an emergency room nurse, there are many different universities that offer such degrees, in addition to after-training programs for college graduates. For those who desire to work in the emergency room, there is even more training to be had than with a regular nursing degree overall.

As stated by the studies of Johnson & Johnson, emergency room nurses are always learning about new technology and other electronic medical devices that will increasingly assist with giving patient's a better treatment and understanding. Emergency room nurses also generally have a wonderful understanding of various disease, ailments, fractures, and know  the telltale symptoms and side effects of many disease and illnesses. Although this seems like a profession that is popular to some, emergency room nurses are actually facing a short supply around the country. With lower pay than what is deserved and a large responsibility, there have not been as many incentives in place for those who are seeking out a degree in nursing and working in the emergency room.

This can be not only a struggle for some, but for those who want to help, they might find that the pay just is not enough to support their family. This is understandable and is a reason numerous nurses end up switching their jobs over to another type of nursing or another healthcare profession. They are reported to be not only overworked, but can even cause themselves health issues by not eating properly and giving their all into the job they are set to focus in on. In addition to the extremely rigorous classes, nurses also have a plethora of tests and accreditation to take before they can even start up working anywhere!

Respecting and Understanding Nurses in the Emergency Room

Going into an emergency situation is never easy. There can be scary moments overall and the cause of the reason for the visit is uncertain by numerous individuals. It might seem as if some nurses are not doing their all, but generally, they are understaffed and doing their best to assist the patients. With that being said, a few nurses that do not meet expectations should not represent the actions of millions of caring emergency room nurses nationwide. It can vary from country to country, but generally, the nursing staff is underpaid and can have multiple cuts each year.

Before even seeing a nurse, some individuals are exposed to the unit clerk staff or doctors, which might indeed tarnish one's view about what can be offered and said when it comes to ER nurses. For all that they do, they are still not perfect; mistakes can be made, especially if the patient is not open and honest about how they are feeling or doing that day. This is a much needed job that is not being filled given the lower pay and increasingly frustrated healthcare woes for some. The money in emergency care nursing is also not incredibly high. The nurses in the ER generally are working hours upon hours, with no breaks in between sometimes. They do not generally have the privilege of being off for holiday's or even family events. The work is important to them, meaning that they take it very seriously.

Having a sense of understanding is critical for these nurses, as over time, the demand will be more and more with the aging population. Finding out new ways to assist these nurses with technology and an easier computer system has been the topic of many healthcare professionals. Giving them better pay and benefits will also assist in keeping them from going elsewhere and finding out a better way to treat ER workers in general. Trauma centers are also slightly different, but still just as important. Nurses work around the clock to find ways to keep a patient going, even giving after care when the initial emergency is over. With so many people around them with medical emergencies, they are the true heroes that the emergency room needs.

Knowing what emergencies to prioritize and when to seek help outside of their own knowledge is something that each ER nurse deals with on a daily basis. While not for every nursing student, the ER room is filled with those who have decided to go above and beyond their calling of nursing. Having knowledge in basic life support to assisting with even more serious issues, being a nurse. For nurses, it is important to remember that taking a break is deserved and being honest about the stresses the job brings is critical. Before jumping to quick conclusions, know that most nurses don't have power of priory of schedule and are usually in the back, meaning that the issues on the phone with the emergency room and trauma center are generally not any fault of the doctor or nurse. They are simply there trying to do their duty, which can be seen as vital for the overall healthcare system in all countries. From natural disasters to personal emergencies, the nurses that assist in running the ER and trauma centers deserve more recognition than they receive. Accolades are to be had for those who are assisting emergency rooms and trauma centers all over.