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What's It Like To Be a Traveling Nurse?

What's It Like To Be a Traveling Nurse?

Travel nursing is an exciting career in the healthcare industry. Not only do you get to learn about different locations, but you still have employee benefits, vacation time and an attractive salary. Traveling nurses would have an out-of-the area assignment that might last anywhere from 4-13 weeks. They can stay in one location for a long period of time, or move on to see somewhere that's more exciting. They can choose to have a position that is near their home or across the country.

Some traveling nurses like the paycheck, but most relish the experiences that they gain. This unique occupation goes beyond just working, and it eventually becomes a lifestyle. These are the top five reasons nurses become a travel nurse:

  1. Professional growth. When you are a travel nurse, you have opportunities to gain experiences with different methods of nursing. You may find yourself using the knowledge you already have, or you have the chance to discover new skills that will expand what you do.
  2. Hospitals, clinics and research institutions all over the county are looking for travel nurses. There are hundreds of jobs, so you have opportunities to find something that fits your style.
  3. Who knows? You may find an opening in the Alaskan wilderness or work in a clinic in Hawaii. You might see yourself working in San Diego or a multitude of destinations.
  4. If you want to settle down for a long career, you can find an area that suits your lifestyle best by being a travel nurse. Assignments often last up to 16 weeks which gives you a long enough time frame to get to know the area and determine if this location is where you want to put down your roots.
  5. Travel nurses are known to develop new hobbies and interests in different locations and cultures. Every area has its pastime you can learn to love. Have you ever thought of fishing in Alaska? Be a traveling nurse and find one of the hundreds of jobs in this area. As a travel nurse, you are encouraged to try new experiences.

As one traveling nurse said, “It is the places that drive you to be a traveling nurse. I have had experiences that I would not have had if I just worked in one place. Travel nursing fulfills my wanderlust and my need to help people.”

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