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Nursing with Compassion: Easing the Final Journey

Nursing with Compassion: Easing the Final Journey

There are those who might not know about the effects that compassionate nursing can have on someone, but at times, being compassionate is one of the greatest ways to care for someone. For some patients, at their last moments, they need someone who knows that they are there during their time of need. Being compassionate can mean something different, depending on who the person is. Although, it is always best to make someone as comfortable as they can be as they are reaching the end of their life, especially by respecting who these patients really are: people.

Nurses and other healthcare professionals are better able to help these patients if they are given the proper resources. However, those who are facing complications still deserve respect and compassion, something that no amount of money or resource could truly purchase. Although these resources can make things far more manageable, having a kind spirit is very important and something that will be remembered by family and friends of those who are facing the loss of a loved one.

Those who don’t have a support system around them also deserve plenty of kindness that might not have been awarded to them earlier on in life. Having different resources out there could not only benefit those who are facing these fatal conditions, but it could also help those who want to better understand just how to help patients who are suffering from any condition. Different kinds of conditions can cause various amounts of pain, meaning that nurses and other healthcare professionals need to be understanding of those needs.
An individual who has been impacted by a nurse that has touched their life knows the power that they can have. There are different ways that this can not only affect those with different conditions; those who have lifelong conditions rely on compassionate care from those who are in the healthcare field. Knowing what to expect from those who have these different lifelong conditions can be difficult for nurses. While there is a lot of focus on what the patient is feeling, knowing just what the nurse is feeling during this time can also be worthwhile.

There are nurses out there that face situations some cannot even fathom. While there are nurses who do not live up to the standards that they should be, there are certainly nurses who are living up to expectations, and at times, going far and beyond.

Seeing different patients suffering from various conditions and knowing that someone is at the final stages of their life can have a true effect on their mind. Nurses are there to see problems that they might not have even went over in their college courses, and being compassionate truly does come from those who truly want to make a difference.

Nurses that are making a difference

Knowing just how nursing can affect those that are facing longer term health issues can be observed over not just by studies throughout the years, but also in everyday situations that can be taken into account. With the impact that nursing can have, compassion is key in making sure that someone is comfortable later on in their life.

Nurses around the globe are truly making a difference in what they are offering to the world, going above and beyond their call of duty. Nurse also work in different settings, meaning that they are able to know patients in different stages. There are those, however, who work as nurses for those who are at the end of their life. These nurses are there to not only help patients, but to offer up compassion. Nurses are a requirement in the healthcare setting. Without them, there is no telling where the healthcare system would be as they are the backbone of any hospital.

Those who are more prepared with the later stages of life and the effects of a long term illnesses could be better prepared than those who are not familiar at all. This is not to be said, however, that those who do not have this experience cannot learn and are unable to offer compassion. They are able to offer just that to those who are in need of their help. Nursing is something that is not just about the grades; it is also about the caring person behind the degree and career.

Nurses that have specialties in geriatric training are very beneficial to the workforce overall. With these different conditions that are affecting an aging population, those who have this knowledge will be able to offer not only compassionate care, but more knowledgeable care as well. Even though nursing is generally a well-paid career, getting into it to want to help people is the main reason that most people look towards it. When they want to have an optimal healthcare career, nursing is something that they look towards when finding out ways to better impact the healthcare field in a positive fashion.

There are different kinds of nurses, especially those who specialize in different areas, and nursing is a great way to not only impact the healthcare system, but to gain a rewarding career that does pay higher than a lot of jobs within America. Those who are in other countries should remain aware that nurses might not receive the exact level of pay that those who are nurses in the United States of America might be receiving. Those who are facing different issues with nursing and their degree should remember that the field is indeed very competitive. There is a need for the job, although some colleges are also finding that this is their most popular major where the field of healthcare is concerned at.

CNA’s are also considered very important and do important work that requires compassionate care, also. Receiving this compassionate care is something that everyone deserves, no matter where they are at in life. Nurses need to know that there are those who are looking to them as the last source of comfort to those who are at the end of their life.