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The Nursing Profession Becoming More Diverse and Educated

The Nursing Profession Becoming More Diverse and Educated

Nursing has certainly gained popularity within the recent years, as the number of those enrolled in the programs has gone up! This is not only excellent for those looking to fill in the retirement gap, but is also great for those who are able to look for better ways to add diversity within the profession. In fact, more minorities are in nursing programs and in hospitals, something that is becoming commonplace when compared to previous statistics.

Even more males are starting to show more interest in this field, as there have been some issues in the past with men in this field. There is a stigma that come with those who have this career choice, as they might be viewed as going into what some might view as a ‘girls field’. This type of mindset has to stop and is something that those who are going into this field need to understand. It can be difficult to overlook some issues that are glaringly obvious.

The amount of sexism that even some men can face in this area might be shocking. Although women face far more issues in this manner of healthcare, there are areas where men are more likely to be discriminated against and viewed as out of their realm of expertise. This area does not seem to apply to other professions within healthcare.

The number of males in this field is something to take note of. In fact, these numbers have actually gone up a considerable amount when compared to the rise of men in other majors that are heavily dominated by women in general. The number has actually grown from almost nine percent to almost fourteen percent. 

Diversity of the nursing field

No race or gender should feel as if they do not belong in the field. According to the researchers in one study at NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing, more people of color and males are continuing to enter into this field. These studies also were able to show that these numbers will most likely continue to increase. In fact, some research has also shown that those who have experience in the field are likely to bring a more compassionate side after they are graduated.

Those with a Bachelor’s degree in this field are also more likely to receive certain jobs over others, although those with a two-year degree might be able to do some healthcare work that is similar to the tasks that nurses might do. No matter what career choice one might decide upon, knowing that a diverse workforce is critical to overall growth and understanding. Patient outcomes and care has also increased, leading those who truly want to do this career in the proper direction.

With the right guidance, there can be fewer misunderstandings and errors when caring for patients. These demographics have also shifted over time, leading researchers to take a look at just what has inspired people to get more into the field of nursing. There have been increases in the number of Hispanic individuals who are seeking out a career in the field of nursing and healthcare. In fact, the direction of this movement has actually received accolades from The Institute of Medicine. The numbers are growing for the field of nursing, something that is needed with the growing and aging population. In addition to not only that, there are different conditions and obesity issues that are still on the rise. Nurses that are able to specialize in that area might be able to make a difference in the lives of thousands of people they very well might see over their lifetime.

These nurses that are coming in are also a lot more likely to report ambition and a willingness to learn when compared to older generations. Knowing when to change is something that is very important in overall healthcare. These nurses have also reported that they enjoy working together in a team, something that those who are from an older generation might have issues with. However, it is to be said that those who are from an older generation faced issues that some of those who are younger in the field might not understand! The rise of technology has made it easier, in addition to more rights for those who are a person of color. Those who faced issues back in the day had fewer resources than some have now, meaning that they most likely suffered in silence.

These changes are something that have come and gone with the times, but there are still issues of sexism and racism that need to be addressed. Although there are more women in the field of nursing, some women have reported sexism from male doctors; even other healthcare professionals who are women in higher up positions have been reported to discriminate against female nurses. This mindset is something that must stop; in fact, there has been recent attention to this in the past years more than ever. There are certainly difficult periods that those in this field might have, as there is a drive for competition with the demand for nurses who have certain specialties.

With the United States, there are different drives that some might face when looking for ways to better their careers in nursing. Instead of just one type of specialty, there are those who want to diversify their knowledge. More specialty courses are offered now than ever before, which is something that is also worth mentioning in the field of diversity. Since there are certain issues that need to be known, nurses who can focus in on one topic while still having a general sense of knowledge about the healthcare world could very well be the key difference in understanding those with certain conditions. A diverse staff is important anyone, especially in the healthcare field.

It can be said that this area is of great importance and is making further strides than ever before. There is certainly a great ways to go before this issue of diversity in the field of nursing is even close to be fully addressed. Strides are being made and topics are always being researched; despite all of this, there are still differences that need to be addressed. While some of the findings are still below the goal of growth that some want to see in the field of nursing by the year 2020, the numbers are still looking good.

Improving patient care and patient outcomes is one of the biggest drives that some nurses have. It is a goal of many different universities to instill in their students, in addition to what healthcare facilities will encourage. Bringing a better sense of understanding and diversity to the field can be done with the right resources and a healthy outlook on life in general.