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22-Year-Old Nursing Graduate Blogs Her Way Through Cancer

Now that she's cancer-free, DeMasi likes to look back at how her blog helped her

Now that DeMasi is done with her treatment and is cancer-free (as of last February), she can start a new chapter. But she does like to reminisce on her time blogging. She enjoyed reserving a day for being able to collect her thoughts and think about her whole week. She also spoke about really important and profound experiences. “I was losing my hair [and] I started feeling a little self-conscious about it. I knew I would have looked at a bald woman and thought, ‘Oh, she’s sick.’” DeMasi admits. “But then I was like, ‘I can do what everyone else does - just because I don’t have hair or because I’m going through chemo doesn’t mean that I would feel embarrassed.’ I should be proud of the fact that my body is still letting me go to these yoga classes and I think being able to write that down was a huge thing.”

Photo source: Katie DeMasi/Leukemia & Lymphoma Society