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22-Year-Old Nursing Graduate Blogs Her Way Through Cancer

Right now, her blog has thousands of followers

Her blog has also become a cathartic way for her to help others navigate through the confusing experience of cancer. She currently has thousands of readers, and she has received positive feedback from both her friends and family, which helped ease her anxiety around starting a blog. DeMasi had never done anything like that before and this was an incredibly personal topic, so she was worried about how people would react. Although, it turned out that everyone loved her blog.

It also served another purpose. DeMasi said, “I didn’t have to get 500 texts every week about ‘How was treatment? How are you doing?’ That’s overwhelming. This is a way to just let everyone know at one time, like, ‘I’m doing fine. I might be nauseous, but I’m getting through it.’ People were happy to know that I was doing okay.”