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"Angel of Death" Nurse Allegedly Confesses to Killing Dozens of Children

Angel of Death nurses and doctors have these traits in common.

The following is a list of traits and behaviors that were collected from nurses who turned out to be serial killers. While none of these are definite indicators, if you see someone who exhibits a lot of these behaviors, there may be a reason for concern:

  • Nurses who were given dark nicknames by patients or co-workers, like “The Terminator” or “Death Angel.”
  • Nurses who were seen entering rooms where these unexpected and sudden deaths occurred.
  • Nurses who have often moved from facility to facility.
  • Nurses who were secretive.
  • Nurses who had almost chronic difficulty with their personal relationships.
  • Nurses who liked to predict when a patient would pass away.
  • Nurses who made inconsistent statements when they are asked about suspicious circumstances.
  • Nurses who preferred shifts where there were less co-workers and supervisors around.
  • Nurses who were associated with several problems at various institutions.
  • Nurses who craved attention.
  • Nurses who often vocalized irritations with patients.
  • Nurses who often prevented other people from checking in on patients.
  • Nurses who were seen in areas or patient rooms where they should not have been.
  • Nurses who would hang around during the initial death investigation, even when they didn’t have to.
  • Nurses who had the suspect substance in their personal possessions.
  • Nurses who had falsified reports or lied about parts of their personal information or professional credentials.
  • Nurses who had been associated with other types of criminal activities.
  • Nurses who had a substance abuse problem.