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"Angel of Death" Nurse Allegedly Confesses to Killing Dozens of Children

Jones is not the only murderous healthcare professional. She is just one of many.

Unfortunately, this strange and upsetting phenomenon of murderous medical professionals points to some unsettling patterns. In a separate case, an Austin woman, Susan Hey, was convicted in court of murdering two elderly men by overdosing them with potassium in 1988. She was sentenced to serve two 50-year sentences.

That’s not all. It seems that there is a whole laundry list of these horrible murders in medical facilities. In 2005, a Jeanine Hannah was sentenced to 99 years in prison for over-injecting Margaret Bradley, 65, of McAllen, with a fatal dosage of insulin in 2002. Another nurse, Vickie Dawn Jackson, was sentenced to life in prison for murdering a minimum of ten patients in 2000 in Nocona General Hospital. According to CNN, Jackson injected patients with a drug that is used to stop breathing to allow for the insertion of a breathing tube.

Kimberly Saenz, 38, was charged with capital murder in the murders and aggravated assault in the case of five patients at a dialysis clinic in 2008. Saenz was sentenced to life in prison in 2012. She was caught because a Lufkin fire official encouraged an investigation at the clinic as a result of the strange amount of calls for paramedics at the clinic.

Photo source: NBC News/Gary Lawson