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"Angel of Death" Nurse Allegedly Confesses to Killing Dozens of Children

Though she pleaded not guilty to those charges, she initially admitted committing those crimes.

In 1984, Jones was accused and found guilty of injecting 4-week-old Rolando Santos with Herapin, which is a blood thinner. Santos thankfully wound up surviving and Jones was sentenced to spend the following 60 years in prison.

Goss explained in court in April that he had interviewed Marcy Ferguson, who is a retired parole officer. Ferguson had met with Jones at the end of October in 1998, which was fifteen years into her sentence.

In court, Goss presented a compelling story about Jones’ conversation with Ferguson. Allegedly, Jones initially admitted to committing the two crimes she had been convicted of, saying “I really did kill those babies.” Texas Monthly wrote that Ferguson had began to reach for her files on the Jones’ convictions, but she stopped her, and said, “You won’t find them in there.”

Ferguson interpreted this to mean that Jones was responsible for at least some of the crimes she had been accused of but not convicted of, according to the San Antonio Express-News.

Photo source: Youtube