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Are Robots the Nurses of the Future?

These robots are designed to help nurses with several essential tasks

These three robots are meant to fulfill several tasks to care for these patients. Paro the robot is designed to look like a baby seal and it's programmed to engage in simple conversations, direct group entertainment programs, and be affectionate with shy patients. Meanwhile, Pepper is designed to look more like a human and is programmed to perform tasks that are more clinical. It's mostly used to receive and guide patients towards their destination. However, they can also perform triaging functions, schedule appointments, educate patients, and even interpret patterns in a proper lab or medical context. Dinsow is a machine that  can be mounted on a table in the patient’s room and consists of a screen that has a face on it. It is used mostly for the care of elderly patients and to assist lonely and inactive patients with mood, ambulation, ROM exercises, and reminders to take their medicine and use self care.

Photo source: Francois Lenoir/Reuters