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Millennials Taking Over the Nurse Workforce

Millennials Taking Over the Nurse Workforce

Nurses Face Adversity And A Different Environment More Than Ever

With millennials becoming more apparent of just what is required for a workforce education, it can be said that has been a rise in nursing like never before. More and more millennials are becoming nurses, which is outweighing the baby boomers in the field. Although there have been medical advancements, there is new information coming in that can be taught in a college setting. Nurses of all generations face different scenarios each day, no matter where they workforce is at.

However, with the newest generation, there has been an increase in overtime hours and various other factors that should be considered overall. With millennials currently anchoring the work force, they are one of the biggest driving factors that has led to more college majors in the area and can be considered a large jump in the nursing field. With this in mind, it is vital to remember that millennials are also facing a unique set of challenges themselves.

It might seem difficult to understand the differences, but there are different ways of learning up on just how millennials are impacting the daily healthcare workforce. Since the demand in healthcare has risen, there are those who do not understand the impact that this has had on certain cases of millennial workforce polls and satisfaction rates.

The rise in millennial nurses has stabilized the leaving of other baby boomer nurses that have retired in the past years. The average baby boomer is far less likely to become a nurse than a millennial, as shown by some studies. Those who are nurses in this recent generation from the baby boomer generation have also had to learn to adapt to the different causes and concerns that have come with this generation of nursing. Since nurses have indeed been facing these issues as of late and will continue to, learning to adapt to a new environment for any generation is key in keeping up a successful level of healthy employment. Knowing what to expect is never easy for any job or field that has required a skill that continues to evolve over time. Since there have been cases of evidence that points to a rise in the need for nurses in certain areas more than ever, addressing the generational gap and retirement age is vital.

What Nurses Face Daily

There are multiple different types of challenges that each and every nurse may face on a daily basis. From feeling burnt out on the job to even workplace violence, there are a lot of different reasons that can come from just how different generation nurses are understanding the environment. Nurses are starting to face even more demands with the growth of technology and other growth factors. Even though there is an increase in the growth of nurses from the millennial generation,  there have still been numerous reasons to consider when looking into this field for any generation and those to come.

In addition to having problems with short staffing due to various reasons, nurses have long and tedious hours that can be unappreciated by many in the field and those outside. With a longer wait time and more patients coming in then ever, this upcoming generation has a new set of challenges to face and adapt to. If it is becoming a challenge to a nurse, they are more likely to continue their job, as indicated by numerous studies throughout the healthcare research field. Although there are issues to be had, nurses of all generations are able to find common ground with offering care and compassion when interacting with patients. There are more careers than ever for millennials who are looking to get into the work force.

Some of the key strengths of millennials are looking at life through different lenses than previous generations. With more likely to be given to change like upcoming Generation X, millennials are finding that the ability to adapt is their true strength. These nurses are also far more likely to take leadership roles, especially women in the field of nursing. Since millennials are also partial to quick communication and better internet access, this has allowed for more breakthroughs to be made. Making some room for different changes can allow for different styles. This means not forgetting that millennial nurses are still very similar to the nurses that came before them in numerous ways. This means that they simply want the chance to grow and to assist those that need care throughout any nursing profession.

There are plenty of silver linings to be found in hiring millennials, although still giving consideration and the same attention to the baby boomers who came before and pioneered the way for various reasons. Knowing what their strengths and weaknesses are can be of assistance to any generation. Since millennials are likely to know about technology, having them in a workforce is a great way to add diversity. Since millennials are also likely to want to have a positive work and outside life, knowing when to not overwork their self is something that can be said of that generation. In general, keeping up with proper communication and knowing just what to study up on can assist both of the generations mentioned and those that are up and coming.

Since millennials want to make the world a better place, as evident by the poll numbers from sites such as Forbes at 67%, this has led to a better understanding from them as nurses and other healthcare professional type fields. Knowing that generations before can assist in teaching younger generations is something to keep in mind, as age bias can be a dreadful issue to face and is illegal in all states. There is a place for a nurse from every generation, each having their own ways to grow and offering up different perspectives. Knowing just how to fill that gap is vital; in fact, it is a must for those looking to move forward. Having nurses that are properly trained in the ways that have worked before and in the technological age. With these steps in mind, getting workers that can be of assistance is something that should be considered.

Making employers feel like they are involved is something that can be important for all jobs, especially in the healthcare field. Taking up more leadership roles than ever, millennials and future generations can work together with older generations to assist in creating a better workplace for everyone. With each year that passes, more information is shed on just what technological and healthcare breakthroughs are helping Americans and those around the globe live a better life.

Knowing how to attract and keep future generations of nurses is something that is found throughout numerous healthcare pamphlets and in websites that are supportive of a positive nursing environment. With positive attention coming out for all of those involved in the healthcare field, knowing what a nursing force is fighting for is critical. Better treatment for patients is on the mind of all, but these issues should still be discussed. From veterans to Generation Z, there are different generations that have offered numerous types of support throughout the years!