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Self-Reporting Systems Improve Patient Safety

97% reports in the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Reporting System are near-miss events

The Pennsylvania Patient Safety Reporting System, also known as PA-PSRS, is an example of a statewide Database. The PA-PSRS is maintained by the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority, which is an independent agency that was made by the state in order to lessen the ramifications of the medical errors that happen in a healthcare institution. The PA-PSRS is a highly-regarded source of patient safety data.

It is mandatory to report incidents, although all information is confidential, untraceable, and inadmissible as evidence in court. All of these qualities, aside from the mandatory nature of the reports, are found in successful reporting systems in similarly high-risk places of work. Over 200,000 reports were collected by the PA-PSRS. Ninety-seven percent of those reports are identified as near-miss events.