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Self-Reporting Systems Improve Patient Safety

Self-reporting might be the solution to preventing near-miss events

About a decade ago, the patient safety movement launched, putting some pressure on healthcare organizations to begin to incorporate and create more patient-safe systems. Often organizations look to other high-risk industries, like mass transit, aviation, or nuclear power for ideas on how to best set up a reporting system. As a result, many healthcare facilities have adopted a voluntary report of adverse and near-miss events, a system that allows for total transparency and honesty between employees and employers about genuine occupation-related dangers.

Aside from their candid nature, voluntary reporting systems are also so popular because of their inexpensive upkeep and their input is diverse, as it is from a wide breadth of areas and perspectives in the workplace. In a recent study, 1,652 United States hospitals had a centralized reporting system, though the actual specific characteristics of each reporting system may be different.