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Self-Reporting Systems Improve Patient Safety

Time in the medical world is valuable. Computerized self-reporting systems will be more efficient

In today’s fast-paced medical world, clinician time is valuable. If the idea of taking up valuable time to try to input a voluntary anonymous report is daunting because of how long it takes to fill out, the staff will not report them. In response to this, healthcare organizations like MS-KCC removed their paper-based systems and replaced them with computerized systems. As a result of this shift, MS-KCC saw roughly a 40% increase in reporting.

Honing in on near-miss event data has the potential to help healthcare systems move towards a higher quality of care than just focusing on the adverse events. By reporting these near-miss events, the entire staff is provided with free lessons. When a person does take the time to report a near-miss event, the staff can collectively work to find solutions for problems that regularly occur.