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Why Geniuses and Nurses are Taking Over the Economy

Source: The Nerdy Nurse.

While there are different things in life that can be ever changing, nerds and nurses alike will continue to be in demand! In fact, these two can almost always coexist. Those who want to enter the main careers that are growing can be something that is viewed as a component of the growing economy. Care and tech will always be popular with the current trend in the growth rate. In fact, nursing has gone up, in addition to those who are seeking out degrees in science. The rate of those looking for liberal arts degrees has gone down in recent years. With this information and knowledge regarding the different professions, it can be said that there are different rates of employment.

Although some people might talk about jobs in the steel working and certain manufacturing fields, these jobs are actually on the decline and generally promote false information. In the next decade, those aforementioned jobs are actually very likely to disappear. With these jobs, these are ways for people to transition over with new careers. Offering up different ways to teach people and assist them in understanding this form of job growth has not always been easy.

There are different ways to approach this, such as offering no to low cost options for other jobs and promoting growth in areas where these jobs are the only form of work that is stable for many individuals. These areas also tend to rely heavily on welfare, something that must be addressed before these jobs disappear without a proper replacement. There are also statistics that are showing an increase in select liberal arts areas and studies.

Although the aforementioned statement addressed those who are unable to find work in the field, the specific area of drama and music professors are actually expected to increase given the studies that have been done on job growth. Jobs in retail are also expected to take a dip. Although once a hobby for many Americans, the days of going to the mall and out to shop in that fashion is going out of style! This issue needs to be addressed, as those who have held these jobs for years deserve a place to turn. Online shopping is all but taking over, something that offers up more benefits than shopping in person. With different companies filing bankruptcy all around America, there are different ways to approach this topic.

Having people who can offer up ways to transition over to online shopping help assistance is vital in getting people to find other ways to work in retail. Retail and the steelwork aside, there are other jobs that should be focused on when looking at ways to better understand the growth of the American economy. A disheartening as it is to hear, inequality will continue to rise in some fields.

This might not seem like something that is possible with the growing diversity in some given fields such as nursing; however, there are different jobs that are still heavily dominated by European- descendant males overall. Those who are living in rural areas are also falling behind, meaning that they are unable to find work with the jobs that numerous individuals once held. Studies have also shown that these jobs will also decline.

The once middle-class workers are now being replaced by technology and globalization. This might sound like a concept that is difficult to understand in a positive light, but moving forward in this fashion is of great importance. Resources in place that are able to assist in the transitioning of these jobs are of great concern. Within these different fields, there are different ways to move these jobs along and into the future.

In fact, jobs for people with a Bachelor’s degree are expected to grow. Having a degree is not only of great importance, but something that is almost always required in various higher-paying jobs. Those with a two-year degree may also find some benefits, as these will land them more jobs than just a high school degree. 

Other jobs that are expected to grow and decline in the workforce

Although certain jobs are expected to grow, while others might be dropping. As for nerds and nursing, those in the field of various scientific fields are expected to rise. Those in nursing are also likely to find a job when compared to those who are looking for placement of other healthcare degrees. On a more random note, there are also shown to be an increase in delivery drivers around the globe. With the growing rate that delivery is picking up, this makes total sense for the growth of this career. It might have seemed like something of the past, but delivery drivers are something that are making a comeback in today’s society. This is helpful for those who are facing health issues and cannot get out for food at certain times. In fact, there is also shown to be an increase in grocery delivery programs. These are viewed as essential for the growing population and for those who are facing disabilities. 

With the growing trend of technology, finding out ways to better assist those who have these problems can help fight hunger in those who are most affected by it in general. The automation department might not be taking as large of a hit as once believed; in fact, the growth was not shown to decrease in the numbers that were previously expected. With the rise in self-driving cars and the technology that it can bring, there can be a need for individuals that will assist in building these cars and looking at the mechanics of it all. With the rise in technology, everyone from nurses to music professors are expected to find a slight rise in their job growth. Getting up and going to work in a field that is failing is a true reality for those in American and around the globe. Having these different types of issues in this field will actually bring about the need for discussion.

Without a proper discussion being had, these issues will truly never make it into the light that they absolutely deserve to see. While some programs are being put in place for fields that are going out, not enough issues are being addressed according to some officials. Some even go as far as stating that a universal salary and benefits might even be required in the far future given the rise of technology. All of these are merely speculations and need to be researched into further. With the information that is available, individuals are able to make their own choice when it comes to careers that are available to them.

Those who lack the resources to make that choice are among those that deserve a voice. Being diverse in the workforce is vital in better understanding to move forward in the work society. There are very few ways of predicting growth, but researchers are getting better at it. Overall, going for what will make one truly happy within the line of reason is what most professionals suggested. No matter what the salary might be of a certain job, work happiness is a must for a healthy life.