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Is An Online Nursing Degree Really Worth It?

7. What about the faculty? Get to know them.

Is the faculty responsive to your questions? Are they experienced? You will have questions for your instructor. As an online student, you are not able to ask those questions face-to-face. Find out how your instructors communicate with online students, if there is a dedicated chat or a format that you can use whenever you want.

β€œIt is really important that they make an effort to use different sort of media and use multimedia presentations and opportunities, so they can appeal to a learner who is very auditory or a learner who is very visual or a learner who is very much hands-on,” Mary Jean Schumann, then interim dean of the school of nursing at George Washington University, told U.S. News.

You must communicate with your instructor. Never let a question go unanswered or misunderstood.