Competition to Get into Nursing School

Nursing School Wait Lists

Many nursing schools are having wait lists these days. The competition is fierce among nursing schools both big and small. Your name on the wait list means that you have not been immediately accepted nor denied admittance into the program. Usually, you will be put on a wait list because your profile has actually impressed the admission counselors, but you are not actually ready to stand on your feet. If you are on the wait list, you need to do everything and anything you can to get into the program. One ideal thing is to consider working as a certified nursing assistant to gain the clinical experience thereby, making yourself more desirable as a program candidate.

Reach out to the acceptance committee to find out what you are missing and what you need to do to be accepted.

In addition, you should also work on the other prerequisites that are deemed as part of the admission process. For instance, the college may require the candidate to have a particular level of knowledge and skills in math or English and you need not be in the nursing program to take these classes. We would advise you to complete these classes while you are on the wait list and get ready to get through your core classes.

You can take even a long time to get yourself eligible to enter into the degree program. It solely depends on you. It’s you who have to decide the best route for you. Our general suggestion is that if it has been a long period since you have taken classes, then taking the requirements slowly would be good. This would help you ease yourself into the pathway. If you have just completed your high school education, you can take the requirements with your first nursing classes as a majority people do. It depends on where you are in the process, what your lifestyle is, and what you can manage when preparing for the requirements.

Basically, the classes that are essential before you get into the nursing classes are almost like the other education programs. As mentioned before, English and advanced math are the most important subjects.