10 Ways to Enhance Parenting Styles for Children with Autism

Integrate microroutines

7. Integrate microroutines

These are small, consistent techniques you have between you and your child which do not have a set time during the day. One example using a countdown to warn your child before you leave the house. Perhaps start with 30 minutes, then 10, then 5. If you use the countdown before each time you leave the house, even if the departure is not planned, then your child will accept the disruption to the routine more easily.

Another example is to always require two “no-thank-you” bites of whatever food you serve your child. Food can be a contentious area and can possibly lead to arguments. This strategy allows for the child to dislike and reject food while at the same time eating a greater variety and trying new things. When used consistently, the child will know that regardless of what's served, if they do not like it, they do not have to fore themselves to eat it all.

Integrating microroutines into your larger routines will benefit both your child and yourself. Having a plan first, then verbalizing it with your child, will help you to feel at ease.