Chewzy Sensations Chewable Necklace

This item is a safe way to provide your child with both sensory and oral stimulation, and it’s great for children with autism who fidget and chew on their shirts! It is large coil that is comfortable and durable, so it’s the perfect way to keep their attention. This pack comes with four different colors: green, blue, yellow, and red. So, they can either wear whichever color they want or wear different necklaces at one time!

Chewing is considered a self-stimulating behavior, and it’s common among many children with autism. These behaviors can help children relieve stress, reduce anxiety, and combat moments of sensory overload. While self-stimulating behavior (or stimming) can include other senses like visual, auditory, and it commonly comes out through taste as well.

Autistic children will often put different objects in their mouth, or chew on their sleeves, making the ends of them soggy. So, it’s important for parents to find products and toys like these chewable necklaces to stimulate this habit.

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