A calm grocery shopping trip is a thing of the past

As frightening as it is being left alone at home with an infant, many moms have expressed terror at the thought of going grocery shopping with their newborn. The days pass and the kitchen becomes barer, alerting you to the need to pick up some food for you, your partner, and, of course, your baby. This inevitably gives rise to unexpected worries and doubts. As one anonymous mother put it simply, “I…have no clue how to take the…little one to the store with me to go grocery shopping,” so, moms commonly put it off as long as possible.

Then, once they finally venture out, problems, both expected and not, arise. Probably the most dreaded is the crying. It’s one thing when your baby makes noise at home, but when they start screaming in a public place, that’s when you suddenly become very aware of your child’s voice, not to mention the unkind looks from fellow patrons.