And, finally, you have the ultimate respect for your parents

Having a baby is one of the biggest changes a woman can experience in her life. Parenthood brings along a significant shift in just about every part of your world, which can be both good and bad. One thing most new mothers can agree upon is that having children makes them really appreciate their parents and all they’ve done and went through, especially their moms. Every hour spent without sleep, every cry from your baby that you can’t calm — they all serve to show you just how much your own mother endured and what a superhero she is; after all, she managed to raise you! One mom, Robyn Passante, said of her mother, “Until I had kids of my own, I didn’t know enough to thank for the less noticeable ‘mom’ stuff, the stuff I don’t remember or couldn’t understand until I experienced it firsthand.” The truth is, nothing can prepare you for motherhood, but once you have your baby, you’ll suddenly realize just how wonderful your own mom is.