Binge-watching Netflix? I don't think so

Even something as simple and monotonous as watching television is often sacrificed to the needs of one’s newborn baby. Whether it was with your friends, your significant other, or just by yourself, your days of Netflix binges are over once motherhood arrives. Many new moms say they’re too busy or too exhausted to watch TV, as their infants take up all their time and energy. However, some have stated they are able to catch up on their favorite shows while in the midst of caring for their babies, namely, during breastfeeding or when they are forced to stay up half the night to cater to their child’s needs. Yes, an infant sucks up time as well as milk, but a lot of mothers have found ways to take time for themselves, namely, through mindless television sessions while simultaneously performing motherly duties. As one mother put it, “It takes about an hour to feed, burp, change, and pump...perfect time for an hour-ish addicting show!”