Bodily functions no longer gross you out

You may see babies swaddled in blankets, sleeping soundly, and think how cute they are. While this is true, there is a great deal of “yuck” that comes along with having a child, so much so, in fact, that you as the mother will quickly grow accustomed to living in a world of gross. For example, mom Michelle Calder admitted, “No one tells you just how much and how often you will talk about your child’s bowel movements with your friends.” This, not to mention the spit up, burping, and all other manner of bodily fluid expression, serves to “numb” new mothers; once you have a baby, your disgust threshold will be drastically altered. Wearing clothes stained with vomit or carrying around a blanket that perpetually smells of baby flatulence will become your new normal, and after you’ve dealt with other gross aspects like peeling skin and acne on your baby, you won’t even bat an eye anymore.