Can't find your phone, credit card, or keys? They're not where you left them

Children taking things is a very normal part of their development as they explore their ever-growing world. However, it is not always convenient, especially for the mother. Many times, you’ll pat your pockets searching for your car keys or cell phone, and after tearing the house apart, you’ll end up finding them in the freezer or at the bottom of the toilet bowl. Right away, you know who the culprit is and sigh as you roll up your sleeves.

Babyproofing commonly refers to making your home safe for an infant, but for many moms, it also means doing your best to keep things out of reach of your child’s sticky fingers. Crawling is bad enough, as they can still scoot around and grab at things, but once they start walking, the trouble only increases. You can try to be aware of your belongings around your baby, but don’t be surprised when things still go missing."