Candy and lollipops have a lot more power than you think

With all the duties and responsibilities requiring your attention as a mother, compounded by the sleep deprivation and lack of personal time, exhaustion will inevitably set in. But just because you need a break doesn’t mean your baby will oblige by quieting down. On the contrary, if they don’t feel they’re getting the attention they want, they will simply continue to cry and scream.

Perhaps, before your baby was born, you imagined you would be a model mother who followed all the right rules to raise your child. Once your baby was born, however, you quickly realized you would do just about anything for some peace and quiet — including resorting to bribery. When pacifiers no longer work or are inappropriate for the child, many moms have said they will give their child candy or some toy they desperately wanted just to stop the noise. It may not be an ideal solution, but for moms everywhere, sometimes that's what it takes to maintain your sanity.