Drop the books. Sometimes you have to go by your methods

Many couples turn to parenting books looking for help to cope with caring for a new child without losing their minds. However, they often do not provide much solace. For one thing, there is no single parenting method that can be applied to all children and work effectively. For another, if both parents are not unified in their style of parenting, nothing will stick and the child will receive conflicting messages. Nor can a book accurately assess a mother’s state of mind and living situation to help her find balance and maintain proper self-care.

When it comes right down to it, you are your best advocate as a mother. You know just how exhausted you are, how much support you get (or don’t) — in essence, you know your own household. Sometimes, you don’t need an “expert,” so don’t be afraid to follow your own path when it comes to taking care of yourself.