Forget peace and quiet

In addition to a lack of sleep, mothers have also noted the loss of true peace and quiet. It starts at infancy and doesn’t seem to let up as the child grows older. A baby cries day and night to be fed, changed, burped, to alert someone that they’re in pain or afraid — the list goes on and on. Then, as they develop and learn to speak, parents have to endure whining and complaining, with incessant episodes of calling out, “Mommy!” until they get your attention. Especially if you’re used to some measure of silence during the day, having a child severely changes that. “It’s not just the thinking out loud…or the whining,” says one mom, Mary Huhn. “It’s the animal noises. The slurping. The learning to burp and to blow bubbles. The constant drumming on the tables and chairs. Not to mention all the noises that go with toys.” For many moms like Mary, the only peace and quiet they find is when their babies are taking a nap.