Nothing is just yours. You have to share everything

When we’re little, we’re taught that sharing is caring. This will become one of your new tenets once your baby is born, as you find yourself literally giving everything to your child. At the time of her first baby’s birth, mom Rabeea Baloch said, “I stressed over every single thing, from changing diapers to whether [the] baby was crying more than usual.” This overwhelming sense of concern is often the driving force that keeps new moms going. Once a child is born, it seems like they almost never leave their mother’s arms except when they are resting or being bathed. Moms want to keep their babies safe, and how better to do that than to keep them close by at all times? They also want to spoil their children with love and affection, frequently leading to sharing everything with the infant, from shiny keys to the very food off your plate!