Ready to join the circus? You basically become a professional juggler - with things and tasks

If you thought you worked hard at your regular job, just wait until you become a mother — you’ll have to build a whole new closets for all the hats you’ll be wearing! Whether you stay at home to care for your baby or go right back to work, motherhood will keep you incredibly busy, both when your child is awake and asleep. Remember, infants are helpless: they need to be fed, which means either breastfeeding or whipping up formula; their diapers need to be changed; they even need to be held for a measure of time for proper emotional development. But there’s so much more involved than the basics. There’s also care for the home, such as laundry, vacuuming, and mopping, as well as caring for one’s husband or partner when they come home from work. It’s no wonder new moms all but collapse at the end of the day!