Taking a shower is a luxury

As a new mother, you had best get used to being perpetually covered in spit up, baby food, and other baby-related stains, because showering will become a distant memory. According to a 2008 poll done by BabyCenter, 63% of moms admitted to bathing or showering less after their child was born. Granted, taking care of an infant doesn’t mean you’ll never shower again, just that your own needs will take a back seat to the baby’s, and as such, you’ll have significantly less time for things like personal grooming and other less pertinent matters. It’s also difficult to leave your baby alone, even for five minutes, to jump in the shower and scrub off some of the grime. Some mothers feel nervous or guilty being away from their baby even for that short amount of time, while others have to contend with a child who screams every time their mom is away. Either way, personal maintenance takes a backseat to the newborn.