Those date nights are a thing of the past

Just as going out with friends will become a distant memory, many new mothers also report missing out on date nights with their partners. “[I]t would…be nice to have some husband-wife time alone out of the house once [in] awhile. I'm not asking to run off for the weekend...just dinner or a movie or something,” says one anonymous mom. A newborn not only divides your time as a mother and wife; it completely consumes your entire being. Some moms simply don’t want to go out because they’re too exhausted from dealing with their child all day, while others crave some time to themselves and their significant other, but cannot get away for whatever reason. Some also are embarrassed by their appearance, fixating on the baby weight they gained and can’t seem to shed, and still others feel incredibly guilty at the mere thought of leaving their baby, let alone actually going through with it.