You do not set your schedule. Your baby does

"Whatever plans you have for the first few months of your child's life,” says mom, Katie, “whatever you think it'll be like or what you'll be able to do, forget them all. Your baby will dictate how those few months work, and they may well have different ideas to you." Your time is not your own when you have a newborn. Your baby becomes your whole world, which means you structure your life around theirs. Spontaneity goes out the window, replaced by a strict schedule that dictates your every waking moment — when your baby doesn’t, that is. “This little pink squealing thing will completely take over your life. You won't get to drink a hot cup of tea for at least two months” (Carla, 2017). This is yet another personal loss that must be expected and accepted by all new and expecting mothers. Children require constant diligence, so don’t be surprised if you forget yourself in all the fuss.