You're forced to eat the things that YOU don't like to set a good example

As children grow older, they become smarter, but they also need guidance. One of the many roles you as a mother are expected to fill is teacher to your offspring. Thanks to the thorough research done by psychologists like Jean Piaget, we know children develop in distinct stages, and as such, they need to be taught accordingly. For example, as infants, children rely on their sensory motor skills to learn, which is why they grab onto objects and put things in their mouths.
Once they learn more, mothers have to adjust their approach, which isn’t often easy. Kids learn most through observation, so if you want to instill certain behaviors in them, you’ll have to let go of the “do as I say, not as I do” belief. If you want your child to eat their vegetables, for example, you’ll have to clean your plate of yours, whether you want to or not!