Your baby becomes cuter than your partner

Giving birth is an indescribable experience, and afterwards, your entire perspective shifts and all your priorities change to center around your newborn. You gain a new form of love you never thought possible, and while this is a beautiful addition to your life, often times, it means your significant other becomes the victim of neglect. According to one Dr. Jennifer Landa, many husbands feel looked over once the baby arrives. “For a long time, he received all of your affection and attention at the end of a long day.” She says. “Then your baby arrived and suddenly you don’t remember you have a husband until you accidentally trip over him on your rush to the crib for a midnight feeding.” Your baby gets all your attention, and even when you have time to yourself, you’ll often be too exhausted to pay your partner any mind. Just another of the many pitfalls of parenthood.