Are Gluten-Free Foods Healthy for Children?

A gluten-free diet might be healthy, but you miss out on essential nutrients

Even more alarming, because of the trend to not eat gluten, many people without celiac disease think they are eating healthy by choosing gluten-free products when they shop. However, they are actually denying themselves healthy and nutritious options.

To prove this point, a survey of consumers in Washington State discovered that about one in three shoppers ate gluten-free products because they thought that eating gluten-free was a healthier alternative. Twenty-three percent of consumers buy gluten-free products to lose weight, and  only 17% of consumers purchasing gluten-free foods are gluten-sensitive, have celiac disease or have wheat allergies.

"Going on a gluten-free diet, if you have celiac disease, saves your life," Peter Green, director of the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University, previously told Business Insider. Eating a gluten-free diet while you're healthy and have no sensitivities will do little for your body.