5 Ways to Help Your Child with Autism Cope with Stress

Understand Your Child

Understand Your Child

A parent would understand their child better than any other person. During your interaction with your child after the ASD diagnosis, you may have already subconsciously studied him or her to establish what makes them stressed. This is because stress or anxiety in itself is a language your child will use to communicate their emotions. Because these children have stronger visuals, come up with a list of the causes of stress which you can put up for your child to point to when they experience certain emotions.

This doesn’t happen overnight. A lot of learning and patience is needed in the process. One way to help your child learn these triggers is guiding them to practice how to respond to them but in a safe environment. It is also important to inform the people helping with taking care of your child ways of managing each situation that may cause child’s anxiety.

Some examples of stress triggers in children with ASD include:

  • Change of routine like canceling a weekly activity, or ending of a sports season
  • Fear of a repeated activity like going to the bathroom or the sound of the lawnmower
  • Changing environments caused by rearranging the house, introducing new furniture 
  • A child finding himself or herself in an unfamiliar social group