Fitness Program for Children with Autism

These types of programs are also crucial for skill-building

One mother, Jenny Banks, whose daughter Hope has Down syndrome and participated in the program last summer, stressed that as a parent, it was great getting the opportunity to see her daughter socializing with other young adults and getting to know one another. “Some participants who were just really shy were laughing and opening up by the end and that was a neat transformation to see,” she said. She also added that often times, individuals among the community dismiss young adults with neurodevelopmental disorders as being unable to learn new skills. However, Banks argued that this could not be further from the truth and that not only can they learn, but the skills are crucial for their independence.
Banks stated that the Piece It Together program is invaluable and she encourages other parents to enroll their children who are young adults. “It is so worth it. It’s such an investment in your young adult’s future in terms of health education and becoming a healthier person,” she said. As the young adults gain necessary life skills for ensuring their proper health and fitness, they learn to become more independent and more self-confident.