Here's Why Kids Want to go to MDA Camp

Here's Why Kids Want to go to MDA Camp

Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) Summer Camp is the perfect place where children with disabilities can swim, zip-line, horseback ride, and gain valuable life skills. It is described as a place where everything is possible.

The MDA's mission is to help families across the nation gain more hope and answers for those who are affected by muscular dystrophy and other-related diseases that limit children's mobility and strength. The organization does this by empowering these families and give them the services and support that they need.

The MDA highlights three things: Research, treatments, and technology. According to their website, "MDA is the largest source of funding for neuromuscular disease research outside the federal government and has committed more than $1 billion in funding since [its] inception." The MDA also has been responsible for research that has led to life-altering treatments and therapies for multiple neuromuscular diseases.

The MDA prides itself on being there for children with muscular dystrophy from day one. They have numerous care centers across the country that provide patients with well-trained specialists in neuromuscular diseases that can offer the best care. Not only do they have a large network of MDA care centers, they also have resource centers that give one-on-one support to patients, with no cost at all to their families. And, they also have the MDA summer camp, which is for both children and young adults who suffer from muscular dystrophy. This is also at no cost for the family.

When children go to MDA summer camp, they can feel more independent than they ever have been. They learn to accept care from other people and to get along with other kids who have disabilities just like them. Their program is aimed for children to develop high self-esteem, new friends, and a new sense of self-confidence. The camp is their chance to spend some time with others who have the same interests as them and who are also going through similar circumstances.

There are dedicated health professionals at the camp and camp volunteers who choose to be there with the children.

The camp is staffed by a dedicated group of professional and trained volunteers who try to meet their camp-goers' needs. The camp offers the kids a chance to develop on their own as well, as they will be away from their caregivers, parents, and home. Their team is fully responsible for your child's care, and gives their parents "much-needed time off."

Volunteers are close in age to the children, as they must be 16 years of age or older. They work closely with the campers to provide care and attention 24/7. According to their website, "Counselors push wheelchairs, meet the daily needs of each child and become a youngster's friend for a week." There is also a medical staff that supervises and maintains the health and well-being of their campers. This can range from giving out their medications and first aid.

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Photo source: Glassdoor