History Buff Teen with Muscular Dystrophy' Gets to Reenact Revolutionary War

John's journey to the Commonwealth and Boston

John’s family reached the Commonwealth a week earlier and was given a tour of the place. They prepared John’s costume, which was tailor-made colonial attire. A lot of preparations had to be done that required a lot of work and effort from, not only John’s family, but also the foundation and the minutemen involved. 

John arrived in Boston together with his parents, his brother, and his sister, who also has DMD. He was ready to have to get up early so that he can be in Lexington by 5:30 in the morning to witness a battle reenactment in VIP seats. John delightedly said that he can be an early riser. After watching the Battle of Lexington, he was supposed to march together with the Acton Minutemen and used the drumming skills he learned from Jenkins. John's main role was to actually give the drum command to fire the muskets.

Photo source: Screenshot from KTUU