History Buff Teen with Muscular Dystrophy' Gets to Reenact Revolutionary War

John's part in the Revolutionary War reenactment

On a Monday morning, John woke up early and got dressed in his specially made colonial attire. Despite the wind and rain, John played the drum and marched with the other Lexington, Acton, and Concord Minutemen for about two miles.

He then led the march of the Acton Minutemen all the way to the North Bridge in Concord, playing his drum all throughout the march. Parts of the event were cancelled — including the Patriots Day Parade and the Concord reenactment — but the men still continued in order to fulfill John’s wish. They performed a part of the reenactment for John and even gave him a special proclamation along with a signed picture frame to signify that his wish came true.

Salvatoriello, the Make-A-Wish spokesman, said that what made the event more heartwarming was when they called the minutemen and told them John still wanted to march, they decided to continue with it, instead of canceling it. John enjoyed the entire experience and thought it was cool that he was able to go there and be able to play the drums together with the other men.

Photo source: Screenshot from KTUU