Mom of Three Boys with Muscular Dystrophy Shares Her Secrets on Remaining Positive

Her and her husband do not hide anything from their kids. They want them to have a full understanding of their disease.

Betty and her husband Jason also make it a big point to keep all of their kids in the loop of what is going on. Betty makes sure that each and every member of her family fully understands DMD and its implications. Focusing on the end-result and the "what-ifs" do not promote having a joyful life, and Betty knows this well.  

Betty also makes a point of being grateful for what she has everyday - challenges and all.  Looking back at a blog post written eight years ago, Betty reflected on where she thought she would be. She didn’t think that she would welcome another child. She didn’t think that her son Max would slowly find his independence and she didn’t think that she would find any joy with muscular dystrophy in the picture. But, she did, and she will continue to find it.

Photo source: The Vertin Family/The Beatrice News Channel